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The PharMate System

Equip your pharmacy with a consistent supply of USP grade water without the expense and hassle of bottled water!

The PharMate system converts ordinary tap water into purified water qualified for use in reconstituting oral suspensions.

Join over 16,000 pharmacies and health care providers and trust your water to the experts!
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USP-1231 Purified Water

Ensure all reconstitutions are prepared with high-quality, USP compliant purified water.

Simple Operation

The PharMate water dispenser is easy to use!  No electricity, batteries, or special training required.

Service Network

Let us perform the annual preventative maintenance required for system upkeep.  We have Fresh Water Systems employed full-time technicians in ALL major cities across the US, including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Ready to kick the bottle?

The complete PharMate system can be purchased by contacting us and for high-volume purchases we can provide a custom quote.  We have Certified Water Specialists ready to answer any questions you may have.