BioScript Disinfection Cartridge

BioScript™ MB21G258 Technology Features:Bioscript filter cartridge

  • Designed specifically for pharmacy applications
  • Bacteria inhibition / reduction of HPC bacteria growth below 500 CFU/mL
  • Control of nuisance bacteria
  • No toxic by-products, off-taste, or odor
  • Disposable, safe, non-toxic cartridge
  • Requires no electricity or complex controls
  • Short contact time required
  • Compatible with most dispensing systems
  • Passes rigorous taste and static contact toxicity tests
  • Effluent meets EPA drinking water standards
  • Meets USEPA primary drinking water standards

Operating Conditions

Maximum total Dissolved Solids Influent 50 ppm
Maximum Bacteria (HPC) Influent 5,000 cfu
Maximum/Minumum operating Pressure 100-35°F
Minimum Daily Usage 150 cc
Maximum Flow 720 ml/mn (.2 gpm)
Maximum Service Life 12 Months

Ready to purchase?

Complete systems, as well as replacement filters and other items, can be purchased by contacting us. If you have questions or concerns please call our Certified Water Specialists and we will be happy assist you over the phone and provide a quote for your pharmacy.