PharMate 4300 System

The PharMate® 4300 System represents the ultimate design and technology among water purification products.  Specially designed to meet the rigid USP Purified Water (USP 1231) requirements of the Pharmacy Industry, the PharMate® 4300 is relied upon by Pharmacies nationwide to produce purified, high quality water for use in reconstituting oral reconstitutions.

The PharMate® 4300 Reverse Osmosis water system effectively reduces:

Barium 97.9% Cysts 99.99%
Cadmium 98.6% Lead 98.6%
Selenium 92% Dissolved Solids 96%
Chromium (Hexa.) 91.3% Radium 226/228 80%
Chromium (Triva.) 94.1% Turbidity 98%
Copper 99% Chlorine 96.8%
Arsenic 98.7% Fluoride 93.9%
Nitrates 84.5% Nitrites 82.1%

Technology The PharMate® 4300 is designed for Chlorinated (Municipal) or Non-Chlorinated (Well) Water supplies and incorporates the following 6 filtration and membrane technologies plus a bacteria and conductivity management system:

  • STAGE I: Five Micron Particulate Pre-Filter – Removes dirt, sediment, sand, and other physical particles.
  • STAGE II: Granulated Activated Carbon Block-Filter – Reduces chemicals, such as chlorine, that may be in your water supply.
  • STAGE III: Reverse Osmosis – Reduces 93%-98% of dissolved mineral salts and other contaminants in your potable water supply.
  • STAGE IV: Extended Contact Carbon Filter – A polishing process that removes tastes, odors, and reduces VOCs out of the water.
  • STAGE V: Deionizing Filter (DI) – Ion exchange which reduces inorganic disolved solids. Reduces TDS.
  • BioScript4™: Disinfection Media – Eliminates living organisims on contact.  10 meg Ohm Dionization Control for conductivity reduction

PharMate® 4300 is an advanced system with space saving ultra-slim profile to fit neatly under pharmacy sink.

The system also features an integrated water quality monitor to assure you that you are receiving top quality water.

Ready to purchase?

Complete systems, as well as replacement filters and other items, can be purchased by contacting us. If you have questions or concerns please call our Certified Water Specialists and we will be happy assist you over the phone and provide a quote for your pharmacy.