PharMate PMD-250 Dispenser

The PharMate® PMD250 dispenser, manufactured by Fresh Water Systems, features a modular design, Class A lab glass with 5 to 150 ml graduations in 1 ml subdivisions and Teflon® anti-microbial stopcock.  For cost effective maintenance, all PharMate® PMD-250 parts are modular and individually replaceable.  The PharMate® SQC3 RO System is capable of servicing up to 4 dispensers mounted as far as 300 feet away. Our unit requires no batteries or electricity. Easy to maintain with no calibration or training needed. 

The PharMate® PMD-250 wall mounted dispenser is available with system purchase only and is designed to be used with the BioScript™ bacteria reducing cartridge.
  • Burette – Class A calibrated lab glass with graduation markings from  5 to 150 ml 1 ml intervals
  • Stopcock – Teflon®, laboratory grade
  • Air Filter Disc –  Micron filter atop burette reduces airborne particulates
  • Fill Valve –  Spring activated, self closing, tested to 100,000 cycles
  • Sanitary Tip – Silicone tubing complies with Food-Grade, USDA.  The inner surface smoothness inhibits microscopic build-up FDA, NSF approved tubing & fittings.
  • Modular, low profile design with replaceable parts
  • Corrosive-free plastic frame
  • Easy to clean burette using Burette Brush® (sold separately)
Burette Specifications
Capacity 150 mL
Graduation range 5 to 150 mL
Graduation interval 1 mL
Accuracy +/- 0.5 ml
Material Borosilicate

Ready to purchase?

Complete systems, as well as replacement filters and other items, can be purchased by contacting us. If you have questions or concerns please call our Certified Water Specialists and we will be happy assist you over the phone and provide a quote for your pharmacy.

Injection-molded frame with an integrated shelf

Class-A calibrated glass burette

Modular low-profile design with replaceable parts

Graduation markings from 5 to 150 mL in 1-mL intervals

Spring-activated self-closing lever

Teflon antimicrobial stopcock

Replaceable sanitary tip prevents cross-contamination